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If those networks are hacked, information about your habits and behaviors could be available to people with nefarious goals. The same technological innovation that empowers us also makes us vulnerable to those who would exploit such advances against us. Here are nine appliances and other systems inside your house that may be spying on you right now, or used to spy on you in the future. Ever wonder how your TV remembers what shows you've watched, which ones you plan to watch, and how long you watched last episode of "Homeland" before falling into nightmare-ridden sleep?

It does it all by connecting to the Internet. Therein lies its weakness. Computer Security firm ReVuln proved last year that it could hack Samsung's newest televisions, accessing users' settings, installing malware on the TVs and any connected devices, and harvesting all the personal data stored on the machine. They could even switch on the camera embedded in the TV and watch viewers watching the set. Samsung says it patched the security flaw.

That said, who's to say that Samsung is the only brand to have experienced a security issue? The idea is that if the camera detects two people canoodling on the couch, they might be delivered ads for a new romantic movie, while a roomful of children would see ads for an Air Hogs remote control helicopter. If that freaks you out, think what government intelligence agencies or hackers could do with such a device. Appliances including dishwashers, coffee makers and clothes dryers all now connect to the Internet. This helps the manufacturers troubleshoot performance and improve energy efficiency, and it gives owners the chance to order a fresh cup of coffee or a dry bin of clothes from their phone, computer or tablet.

Knowing when you make your coffee sounds innocuous enough, but that little piece of data could help snoopers geo-locate you, and learn your habits and schedule for all manner of malfeasance. Petraeus told a group of investors last year that such technology will be "transformational" for spies --could "change our notions of secrecy. The same technology that enables monitoring of your home appliances also could allow would-be spies to monitor your lights.

In addition to tracking your schedule, taking control of your home lighting system could help robbers invade your home by turning off the lights and keeping them off during an invasion. The Nest thermostat tracks homeowners' heat and air-conditioning habits, learns their preferences, and over time tweaks their HVAC systems to reach the desired results with the least electricity.

Users also can change the settings via the Internet when they're away from home. Hackers already have started taking apart the Nest thermostat to customize it. Thieves and snoopers could do the same. For years, home security systems were hardwired to a service provider's operations center. Now they are wirelessly connected to many users' phones and tablets. This allows us to keep tabs on our homes at all times, from all places.

But what's the point of having a security system if robbers can hack it? What about hacking your body? In , White Hat hacker Barnaby Jack, recently deceased, proved he could kill a diabetic person from feet away by ordering an insulin pump to deliver fatal doses of insulin. Is it possible if your home have a renovation and required electrical wiring for new electrical outlets for appliances ,such as landline tel. And can be connected to a hackers Computers remotely monitored,the home owner activities inside the house,. Can anyone tell me how or if they were able to get an electrician to see if the electrical system is hacked.

My outlets were making noises. I called an electrician. When he opened them the boxes had been changed from new ones to ones that came with the house. I believe he is using light bulbs as well. Every one of the bulbs has been altered to pick up radio. The bottoms of the bulbs are sloppily coated with a bit of silver and there is one small hole on the side of each side bulb burned split a tiny bit and a piece of copper wire inserted. I believe he has been using Bluetooth. I tried to add number to do not call registry but was unable to do so because the call was placed from my own phone number.

I know this has to be a scam and would like to report it. Please note that this is not the first call I have received from myself and know of others who have had the same exerience. Sounds like someone is tapping into your phone line to call you from your own phone. And for them to do that they would have to either be some where in your house, out side your house up on the telephone pole or at the main telephone box that control all the phones in your area.

I would contact the telephone company and have them invwestigate it. It could be one of their workers for them to have that knowledge. I know this because my father was a electrical engineer. And he taught me stuff like this. Scammers can fake the caller ID information that you see on your phone. That's called caller ID spoofing, and new technology makes it very easy to do. The fraudulent telemarketer may want you to think the call is from your bank, or another place you've done business with.

Sometimes, the telephone number may show up as "unknown" or " I had my phone and devices cloned, internet and security cameras hacked. So frustrating and concerning when the laws or law enforcement is not educated on the current issues. My 2 cents. That's the fn truth I'm gonna be dead before he stops and we have proof. I have an op and he is destroying my life.

Apple helped, Verizon helped, I got new routers and accounts it doesn't matter unless they stop and no one believes it or cares. Basically if this is your life you know that death will be the only stopping. I'm going through the same things. I moved and switched to sprint. I'm totally being cyber bullied and no one believes me they think I must be crazy and on drugs.

I feel so alone. Me too what do I do?? I know who it is.. He has control of my icloud My email and no one believes me I feel way alone. Same here. My ex husband has ruined my life and broke my spirit. He won't stop and I also feel like I'm going crazy. I'm finally starting to get the courage to do something but, I'm afraid nothing will be done. I have lost everything because of him including my kids and I don't drink or use drugs. I even had my family alienated by him.

I was income stalked. Im not sure but I think my husband might be a psycho. I think he defames character and desperately effects my work by using other people? The income stalking is professionally done. My life since sounds like these other women. I reported his commercial scam reealestate broker years ago who robbed him.

Hes not. Im getting out if this like a wrecking yard after daughter graduates. Hi, I read your post. I felt the same way. The more stuff he told me and sent mean crazy text. I started to feel like I was thinking I must be going crazy. Your ex just wants u to feel bad about yourself because he accually feels that way about himself.

What has be been doing to u? Yah your right true stalkers merge their life with yours so they can't stop stalking you cause that would mean a end of what they know as their life. So they will never stop until they die.

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Thanks for your comment. It hit the nail on the head. My stalker has taken my life as her own. She does not work. She lives in her car across the street from where I live, but it is a company parking lot and I do not know what kind of car she is currently driving. She has totally invaded my privacy by hacking my phones, my computer and any other device she can hack. Thank You! It is your choice whether to submit a comment. If you do, you must create a user name, or we will not post your comment. The Federal Trade Commission Act authorizes this information collection for purposes of managing online comments.

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If you think someone may be monitoring you, then try to use a safer computer — one that the abuser does not have access to. Change usernames and passwords of your online accounts on the safer computer. Malware , spyware and tracking apps can be installed in just a few minutes. Bluetooth and GPS can be used to track you.

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A victim advocate can help strategize a specific tech safety plan for your situation. If you think your phone is being monitored, get a new one. The safest thing is to get a new phone with an account that the abuser does not have access to. Remember to put a password on your new phone, then disable Bluetooth and GPS. Tagged with: app , cell phone , computer security , malware , online safety , privacy. Blog Topics:. Comments Quaquaa February 5, reply. Is there a way of knowing if your devices have been hacked?

FTC Staff February 5, reply. Beans April 14, reply. Katy April 30, reply. BrightSide April 15, reply. Stalkedbytom August 31, reply. Tom is obsessed with stalking me and is getting rich from it. Victim of Stalk November 9, reply. Knightsbane June 10, reply. Mrcc July 10, reply. No reason why s April 27, reply.

GGisfromaustin February 26, reply. HackAttacked October 25, reply.

How do u set Bluetooth up with password? If I do anything in my sleep. Every move I make he lets me know. I'm going through the same ordeal and I'm scared to talk to anyone about it because they will think I'm crazy I talked to my parents and they said I need to see a shrink. This has just happened to me everyday for over 10 weeks. Can hidden cameras pick up voices too? I could hear them as well.

They watched me in the shower- knew when I went to bathroom and it got even more weird toward end of 10 weeks. I want to prosecute but I have to find out how they did this first. They knew what was going on inside of my house. I seriously felt crazy and made doctors appt. I at least want to make sure they stopped and never do this to anyone else. Would also like it done back to them. So you think they broke in and put in cameras? I am trying to figure out how it worked. What I find interesting about all the comments is it shows you At first, I thought it was all in my mind and come to find out over the years So, don't go crazy about it.

This is a pretty good web site to add any insights. I have found it pretty hard to find others who have had "this" experience. I rf-ed and it locked and from there I went to IR. It was there also. I reported it to the police and they do not care about things like that The manager is the owners son and they own five buildings in the neighborhood.

So, there you go. Just keep studying the problem and know it is not in your head! There are answers to be found We'll get it Any ideas on how to capture audio? When I turn on any recording device, it stops cold. And any other blogs like this Half of the things I've endured would result in life sentences for quite a few people. I'm under surveillance right now. Stole a lot of money from me too. Interfered in personal relationships. Attacked friends and family members. I noticed my neighbor has them in the front and back of their home.

The one is aimed from his upstairs window directly over my deck! And the one in the front appears to be aimed at my porch rather then theirs. I asked the police dept. If its not aimed into my house- I do not feel this is right. Its just me and my 9 yr. Can you imagine! I had to remind both of them that they are the ones with the cameras - in a very safe townhouse complex! They are refusing to move them. The cop admitted he looked through the camera and it is viewing my deck!

I did contact my Association but I'm still waiting to hear from them.

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Im concerned for my daughter- how do i know their not recording her? It works both ways. Saving space, the details of the story, we know it's them and why they did what they did.. But for as long as there is no camera to catch them, they can continue to freely abuse. If a camera is put up they get upset.

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Which is why at this point there is still none even though we own security cams. Because we bought this to find out where raccoons where destroying our home, what times of the night, which holes, how to trap them etc. But again, recently these new neighbors just starting doing things to us. Well guess how temping it is to let one of the cameras watch our driveway, or our lawn between the homes?

Yes, you can be viewed by everyone when you are outside. So unless you aren't doing bad things you should be ok. Would you do something bad where someone might spot you from their window? Of course not. Well a security cam is just like a window with only added advantages that some have a memory to rewind. But if you do something wrong, and they see you through a window, you are caught. Only other thing is some people claim they don't like being watched, but in reality they are NOT being watched at all.

What the cams are for is if something gets stolen, vandalized, broken or something bad happens, or maybe someone looks for raccoons like me. It's not like people sit around all day watching security footage. Some times you might ask if they could tilt a camera away, yes, but they may have a reason to view something inbetween and they are not even interested in you. But put up a cam and everyone thinks it's all about them.

So you are the paranoid one here. Why are they not? Because you are assuming it's all about you personally, and a security system watches in case maybe one day a crime happens. Otherwise they do not watch unless they are a not.. If they wanted to spy on you, they could go to way more effort to be covert. They don't hide them, so they are unlikely trying to trick you. Here is what I do NOT like. People going to way too much trouble to point cameras directly straight into peoples windows and zoom in on them.

But any security system that sees what someone may see from their own bedroom window or back porch, or front door, driveway is fair game. I personally do not like having cams pointed at me either The only difference is if I commit crimes and they can rewind it and prove it. I have no intentions of that. It's the people against security cams that are usually the trouble makers.

Again, in our case, now, we have stuff being stolen. Guess what I am going to do with the cams that were pointed on our roof for raccoons? Some are going to get pointed in between the homes to see if they run into our yard to steal things. I think that's rational and fair enough. Not everyone with a camera is your enemy, nor may they even care about what you do in your yard. The only other thing I could think of is maybe you want to have sex on your deck.. Well they could walk further back in their yard and see you and so could everyone else.

Go to the bed room. When you are outside, everything that can bee seen with the naked eye outside is all the same. I want to add one more point to back up the pure psychology of this. Most people operate and make their decisions based on their fears first because that's how the human mind is wired.

If you live in a complex, you probably have tiny dwellings, like under sf, or even sf, and lots of decks will be close together. Sue, I'm not trying to make you mad, but you are like, "how do i know their not recording her? The stalker, freak is many peoples worst nightmare, based on, tada, fear.

Fear is an emotional and not rational at all. Lots of people that get recorded first start accusing by saying, "oh so I guess you are a pervert of some sort". First the best view is just to use the human eyes or binoculars or hand held video camera But everyone's daughter is suddenly this hot goddess and the cam owner is a perverted person, and it's, again, all about them. Have you ever seen the horrible quality of security cams? Yes there is now high def, but if they wanted this, they'd soon get so bored of your daughter and go onto the internet to look at pictures.

Like who is going to pay all that money for a security system so they can watch your daughter over and over? You don't want her seen, keep her locked away inside. In many instances it's difficult to keep the cam from getting every thing that might worry someone who is overly fearful. Then you call them A-Holes, suddenly making your self more of a jerk than the people you are judging because you are over doing it.

People think once they see an electronic eye, they are being watched all the time. The cam may be on, but I can tell you 1st hand experience that more than 5 mins of that and it's the most boring thing in the world to watch. So if people don't even watch the security cams, they are not seeing a thing. But if their BBQ, Bike, tools etc get stolen, then can then find out who did the crime and make your neighborhood a safer place.

I think you and others like you should stop calling innocent people who may be nice, A-holes. Then you also wasted the police people's time and I'm surprised you didn't get fined for abuse of services. Then you contacted the Association. Again, the people with that cam are most likely not any problem, but people like you are the problems in everyone's neighborhoods. I know that will make people want to say things back against me, but there's not doubt that when people over react and do all the things you did, they are causing the troubles.

I understand, but people need to grip on reality I think. DO NOT listen to this moron!!! I have been dealing with these scum-bags who have been irritating me for over 7 months. These pigs moved in after my neighbor of many decades moved, these scum-bags have stolen 2 tree-stands of my fathers, have continually tresspassed on my families land of over years, and that means a ton of tax money!!!

Well these scums think it is okay to shoot our tax paid venison, torture our poor horse with loud dirt bikes during the day, and throwing rocks at his barn at night, scarring him to death!!! Now I would sneak around my yard at night trying to catch the scum and beat them half to death, but as I would slip back in my house, they would make stupid noises and drive by revving their engines or beeping. This is what got me thinking, and when they start driving by every-time I entered the bathroom or kitchen, I realized these scum-bags had cameras on me!!! Well guess what, I found 5 hidden outdoor cameras and they were not an illusion.

My advice is , the only things these scums understand is swift and blinding violence!!! If you are not that type of person, find someone who is!!! The truth of the matter is, the cops will say "there is nothing we can do", and these scums do not respond to kindness, show them some bodily damage and I promise they will see the error of their ways!!! I can never be sure, but repeatedly people react to things which have been said or action that have occurred in their absence. It came to the point where I deliberately said things to elicit particular responses and then got those responses, where the eliciting took place in the person's absence.

Most likely there are cameras and microphones in the house, seemingly accessible over 3g or 4g ie. It is unsettling and dangerous as it creates opportunities for hostility and harassment. In fact I would be surprised if they weren't aware that I am typing this in now. It is likely to be a sophisticated setup. Just how small do hidden cameras get, and can they see through surfaces with infrared? I cant tell anyone because they will think I'm crazy, as several have assumed already upon hearing of this. What solutions are there at a low cost? Perhaps not sharing your address online should be the first step of your surveillance-free life Um if that is your address maybe remove it for safety reasons, not sure why you would feel the need to post that??

The device would be transmitting your location via RF or cellular signals. Why do you think there's a tracking device on your car? I've been feeling uneasy for quite sometime now.

Counter Surveillance

I have a very strong intuition. However, ive recently discovered hidden survelliance in several hotel rooms ive stayed in. Including the hotel where she resides at- the Owl Motel in somers point NJ. I asked the cable man who by coincidence was 2 doors down from me this morning if I would have this in my DVR he said no not unless I had security with them which I do not.

Now the question is do I believe my boyfriend that he has no knowledge of it or why it would be here.? Or is there someone else I need to worry about or am I being paranoid? I need my apartment de-bugged. The aliens can't get inside your head unless you let them. I am under house arrest and a conditional sentence order until May 21, There is one in my showerhead and bedroom lightbulb, as well as others. I am not a paranoid schizophrenic, yet there are people watching me, narrating my thoughts even ffs.

My Anonymous mask doesn't even provide me protection. I am a very reputable nanny for dogs in customers homes and many times requires overnights. An the owner watch me without telling me they have cameras in their home? Why watch me if they don't trust me? Why hire me? He's a retired cop. A week after i moved into my house my next door neighbour started going off because i had texted someone about all the recreational gear in their backyard. They were literally reading my text messages out loud and making comments thst "now the whole neighborhood knows out business! Yesterday while at a dinner with my three chikdren there were rude comments that my youngest, who has socisl anxiety disorder, will cry at the drop of a hat on the school bus for no reason.

Everything we do is being monitored and shared - these same neighbours are claiming they are doing it because "the kids are at risk". They even share video of my kids naked in the bath!!!!!!!