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Use your bowtie to reach the top ones Beating "Spy Island" in Poptropica always requires you to keep a few very particular things in mind. I hope it helps! Back Lot Island Back Lot Island is the 34th island how to beat spy island on poptropica com released on Poptropica, being released for.

The poor citizens of Fort Ridley are in dire need of your help to defeat the dangerous Captain Crawfish, a. Beat Spy Island on Poptropica.

How to Beat Spy Island on Poptropica. It was released to free.

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Poptropica Walkthrough;. We show you how to beat. How to send your island to poptropica?

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What are some cheats to spy lyrics super junior beat Spy Island on Poptropica? Track a cell phone location online google earth Child phone tracker 7 free download Free sms tracker for android Spy for iphone without jailbreak yellow free Best iphone parental control program free Track a cell phone location online My spy program. The island was released on go left to the Docks.

Avoiding the carnivorous plants, go to the right and find the cherry bomb tree. Click on the fruit to start it.

Spy Island

Push it to the side, where the spring plant will bounce it up. Go up, and push it to the right, onto the other spring plant. Then, go to the top, where the candy is, and push the fruit to the lock. Wait for the bomb to blow up the cage lock, then talk to the woman who got locked.

She will give you the last clue, and Ultra Vision Goggles, which allow you to spot all lasers. Then go out of the greenhouse, and go down. Go to the angry guy at the table, and get his "drink" fingerprint on the glass. Then, go into the kitchen, and go out through the pipe at the top.

Jump from lamp to lamp to escape. Put on the goggles, and get past the lasers. Go up to the door this is frustrating as well and use the fingerprint to get in. Go to the top, and click the computer. A cage will fall on you.

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Enter the passcodes, one at a time they are Laser Hair Removal , and then go in the teleporter. Director D will show himself to be the head of BAD , and he will make his mini bots attack you. There are four bots, and there are four glowing yellow globes. Use the bow tie to get to two of them. When the bots hit them, they disintegrate. The control room will start breaking upon contact. Do this three times and Director D will give up.

Then you will get the medallion! Give him the shrimp and the gate will open. Here you get your first achievement, Welcome to Paradise. If you go to the settings, you can see a list of achievements you found.

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There are five for each plague and you can replay levels if you miss any. You usually get them for doing something extra, but there are some you get just for completing puzzles and levels.

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Go through the gate. Go right and straight ahead through the forest, then left past the water pump, through the forest again, and go inside the hut. Go back to the goat. Pour the blood into the bucket and make the goat drink it. Then take the leech from its tongue. Go back to the pump and fill the jug with more blood.

Now, go back to the man in the cabin your father and pour him a glass of blood. Have him drink it and take the leech from the bottom of the glass. Leave the cabin. You need to use it to juice all four leeches. Put one in its mouth at a time and pull the wings up to press it. Once all four leeches are juiced, take the key. Talk to the silhouette.

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  8. He tells you to bring his memories to the lake and the lake will stop bleeding. Continue on. Examine the red water. A casket will float up. Use the machete to remove all the nails and open it up. Take the black cube from inside. Go inside the temple. Place the black cube inside and close it again. It will drop into the bloody water and everything will start flowing.

    Tap on the mural and tap on the glowing white cube.